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General LS conduct
  1. Members will generally joke around, if you're offended by a burp in your general direction then chances are that this LS isn't for you.
  2. As a member of this LS you are expected to be able to criticise and take criticism on board. No one is perfect; Chrono can't do maths, Casey is a DRG and Bigsyke is a cheap asshole. However, most members have an issue with those who are not willing to improve.
  3. Real life discussions are fair game up to a point, the line would be drawn if people are not willing to act civil.
  4. Not all of our activities will benefit everyone equally. This is especially the case when we take turns building an empyrean weapon. If you don't show up to help others on a regular basis be prepared to find that no one will show up to help you.
  5. If you type like a moron you'll be treated like one.
In a nutshell, don't be an imbecile.

Lotting rules
  1. For events such as Einherjar where a person will fund the entry item that person will lot all crafting materials to offset the entry cost.
  2. The general rule for other things is "if you can use it, you may lot it". However, there are exceptions to the rule:
    • In cases of empyrean seals priority will be given to those who have more seals.
    • In cases of +2 items priority will be given to those who already have the NQ followed by the ones with more +2 items.
    • When abjurations drop priority will be given to those who will use the actual piece followed by those who will tatter it to augment a piece. If no people meet these criteria then the abjuration is free lot and you are free to do whatever you want with it (don't use it as toilet paper, please).
    • Don't be a loot whore. If Bigsyke keeps lotting items for his gimptastic BLU over Chrono's moderately decent one he'll get smacked upside the head.

If you have an issue with something then bring it up and we'll discuss it.
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